Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker


About me

My name is Nathan Gold, also known as The Demo Coach. I hail from the San Francisco Bay Area and travel around the world coaching and training people on how to really prepare for high-stakes presentations. I do this through workshops, seminars, keynotes, live streaming, and 1:1 sessions, both in person and online.

I have personally delivered over 15,000 presentations and over 12,000 hours of professional coaching and training while working with companies including, Glue Networks,,,, Innovation Norway, SanDisk, Kaiser Permanente, and IBM — on designing, scripting and delivering more compelling and memorable presentations and product demos, especially in situations where you cannot afford to miss.

I was born in the late 1950s. Growing up, my favorite show was Star Trek where I was mesmerized by the spaceships, phasers, tricorders, universal translators, and especially, the communicators. That program started my love for technology.

In high school, I excelled at computers. I finished a 14-week programming course in the first three weeks of class. The teachers were impressed and sent me upstairs to work with the school’s IBM mainframes. That is where I began teaching computer programming in the high school adult education program at the age of 16. I worked with students three times my age and I loved the interaction with adults and especially holding the chalk.

I went on to SUNY Stony Brook, where I majored in Computer Science. There, the Computer Science Department made me a teaching assistant, and I helped students with all sorts of computer issues.

Right out of college, I designed and delivered mainframe computer programming classes at National Westminster Bank. However, I had a dream to live by the beach in California and travel the world while working for a high tech company. That dream was not coming true on Long Island.

On Labor Day 1980, I packed everything I owned into my beat up Oldsmobile and headed for California, even though I had never been there before. Five days later, I had four job interviews in Los Angeles and three in San Diego. I ended up choosing a small software company in San Diego named ISSCO Graphics, where I spent seven years traveling around the world training their customers how to use mainframe computer graphics software. As a result, I was the one go-to guy for all high-level executive sales briefings, trade shows, press issues, and analysts’ product demo needs because I was able to take complex topics and make them enjoyable for any audience.

In early 1990, I fell in love with pen computers and mobile computing. I spent over 10 years working with people all over the world, evangelizing technology such as the PenPoint operating system and the Palm Pilot. During this time, I started helping other people with their product demos. And he did it as a favor because I really enjoy helping people.

In September 2000, I started The Demo Coach business because I believed I could help other people learn to give more compelling and memorable presentations and product demos. Since then, I have coached thousands of people all around the world for high stakes opportunities in sales meetings, trade shows, key notes and, especially angel and venture funding.

I am a two-time winner of the distinguished DEMOgod Award, given to me at DEMOmobile 2000 for being “A one man walking communications store with the ability to deliver an incredibly well-timed demonstration.” And again, at DEMOfall 2005, for my demo of U3. Also, I have a success rate with DEMO where 76% of the people I coach for their on stage performance have won their own DEMOgod Award. I am also the co-author of Giving Memorable Product Demos, available on