Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

DEMO 09 was an excellent show!

After many weeks of preparation, all of the companies who presented on stage at DEMO 09 are now either celebrating their success or licking their wounds. Fortunately, only one or two demos did not go well on stage. It is a heart breaker to see people go down in flames. But in all cases, it could have been prevented or dealt with easily by having a backup plan. Speaking of having a backup plan...It is vital that you plan for the unexpected whether you have 6 minutes on stage or when you are in a typical demo that you give everyday. Without a backup plan, you run the risk of looking unprepared and failing in the eyes of your audience whether it is 1 person or 1,000.

So, when we coach people in their demos, we ALWAYS make sure they have a backup plan in case something does not go right. Not only that, you must practice the backup plan in case you actually need it. If you have a back up plan, you are half way there. Make sure you practice the back up plan a few times before you need it.

DEMOfall 09 promises to be an amazing show. It's Chris Shipley's last for DEMO and IMHO I predict that not only will there be a full compliment of stage demos, the audience will be packed. If you are a company with a new product or service and you want the world to see it in one fell swoop, go to DEMOfall 09 in beautiful San Diego, California and be sure to get coaching before you go on stage! This opportunity is not like any other in the world.