Nathan Gold

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DEMO 2008 is now behind all of us

The DEMO 2008 conference is now over and the year is off to a great start.  There were some really great companies this year, which will likely become household names one day.  Check out each of the demo presentations and see what you think. At this years DEMO conference, I wanted to do something new that had not been done before. See what you think about the results of where we had three speakers on stage.  Ron Fortune, CEO/President, Danielle Wood, VP Editorial, and Todd Schwartz, VP Marketing:

Here is one of my most favorite clients from DEMOfall 2007. Rene Lacerte, CEO/President and Tommy Hui, VP Engineering from CashView (now named

For more videos:

Stay tuned for some new announcements from The Demo Coach over the next few months.  Hint: We are taking the company to the next stage.