Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

DEMO@15 Last Minute Hint To All Presenters

There are three days remaining before some of you will walk up on stage or to the microphone to give your best demo ever.  I wish you luck and I will keep my fingers crossed that all goes as planned. Speaking of planning...If you haven't already planned for a breakdown in your demo, now is the time.  I know I have said it before, but having a backup plan is so important in this venue because you only get one shot at your 6 minute or 1 minute demo.  Once the clock starts, it will click down with no stopping.

So, please be sure that you have a back up plan and more importantly, practice the backup plan so that you won't be flustered on stage.  If your demo breaks, keep moving and don't worry.  The audience understands that it's a pressure cooker situation.  If your demo goes South, just take a moment, collect your thoughts, and keep going with your backup plan.

Unfortunately, I will not be attending this year due to another opportunity for my little business on the other side of the world.  Things get pretty quiet for me right after DEMO and this opportunity will potentially keep me busy for many moons to come.

Break a leg, as they say in show business.  I'll be watching from afar.