Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

DEMOfall is behind us and the future is ahead

It was a very busy 2 months before DEMOfall 08 this year and I appreciate all of the hard work that my clients put forth to perform on stage. This conference was an amazing line up of companies. When you have the time, check out the demos from the companies who announced new companies and products. You may find several products that you will want to start using immediately. Here are the clients The Demo Coach prepared for this conference:

Sim Ops Studios - Wild Pockets is a really cool 3D gaming platform for anyone interested in creating their own 3D game. There is no programming required and they are looking for casual game developers now at their site.

TravelMuse announced their new Social Trip Planning tools, which make it really easy and fun to plan and book trips with people you know. TravelMuse also has an amazing product that helps you discover places that you might want to vacation one day called the Inspiration Finder. Think of it like your Netflix for travel.

DOCCENTER announced DocLanding. This is an affordable SAAS document and file depot, which allows you to share your POINT with people so they can access your files without having to email them. You can also share your POINT with people for any period of time you choose. This product is targeted at small to medium size businesses. With DocLanding, you can access any files or documents anywhere by simply using a browser.

Koollage announced Koollage PODS or Packages On Demand. It's a very easy and fun way to package rich multi-media content and mobilize it so that people can access it on cell phones or include it on their Facebook, MySpace, or any other social network. It takes about 5 seconds to take a blog and package it into POD. Try it out!


Lastly, my favorite demo, aside from the ones listed above, was Maverick Mobile Solutions. It was very entertaining and had the audience laughing several times. Their product is a must have for all cell phone users who want to make sure they can protect and retrieve data from their phone if it is lost. You can also make it impossible for the thief to use your phone too! Check it out.