Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

DEMOmobile 2004 is fast approaching

The DEMOmobile 2004 conference is rapidly approaching. As of today, there are 14 working days between now and the first on-stage demo. That's not much time to get the script right and make a run at giving your best demo ever.

What can I do for you for DEMOmobile?

I will write and/or review your script and make suggestions on how to make it more unique and compelling for this type of demo. I will see that the people presenting on-stage are prepared for the demo of their lives by coaching them in all aspects of this particular venue and their presentation styles. I will make sure that the demo is compelling, passionate, memorable, and a DEMOgod Award contender. I will do any part or all of this for you.

Next to the DEMO conference in February, this is my busiest time of the year. I am already working on 2 assignments with several proposals under consideration. Why am I sharing this? Because I never enjoy turning anyone away who calls for help. However, each year I have provided coaching for this conference, I have had to turn people away. Afterall, I am only one human being and there are over 60 companies presenting.

So, if you want to hire me to help you in your quest for the DEMOgod Award and make your investment worth even more, NOW is the time. We must get going as soon as humanly possible. I have 2 more open slots for this conference.

DEMOmobile is a pressure cooker situation and unless you have been on THIS stage before, you have little appreciation for the magnitude of this opportunity. This is YOUR 6-minutes of fame if you are a presenter on-stage or your 1-minute of fame for the 60 second spots. Are you getting all of the help you need? Are you prepared? I hope so.

If I am not available or you want to check out another demo coach, I highly recommend Shel Isreal. He is a great guy who has been around, well, since forever. We have worked together on projects in the past and we have given each other clients. He's honest and insightful about how he coaches people. You'll love working with him. He can be reached at or 1.650.591.4911. His Web site is and his blog is

Good luck in your demo at DEMOmobile. I hope it becomes one of the peak experiences in your life as it did in mine.

Demo with passion...Nathan