Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

DEMOmobile Hint-To-Success #1

The product demo you give at DEMOmobile has the potential to make a significant mark (good and bad) in the industry, with the Press, and the VC community, as no other public demo of your product. So, between now and the show date (September 8), I will post several hints to help you along. If you want to talk about anything related to DEMOmobile 2004, feel free to drop a comment or call me at 510.579.8530. All DEMOmobile presenters will receive 30-minutes of coaching at no charge.

Hint #1: Present your best face on stage or in front of the mic.

What I specifically mean here is to select the person in your company who gives the most compelling and passionate demo to do this demo. This demo and conference is not about titles or prestige. It's absolutely and without a doubt about leaving a memorable positive lasting impression about your product.

So, just because you are the founder, CEO, President, or Veep of your company doesn't mean you should be the one to go up on stage. The audience doesn't care who you are. They only really truly care about your product. If you want to send the executives to be at the pavilion and play golf at Torrey Pines, wonderful. But, if you want to have the best chance at success with this demo, choose someone in your organization that has tremendous enthusiasm for your product and company and put them on stage. And, if you need to get that person some outside professional coaching, I know a great demo coach.