Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

DEMOmobile Hint-To-Success #2

Write a script to the letter.

The DEMOmobile Producers require a script for this conference. In fact, if you don't have a script when you show up for your rehearsal, they'll send you away until you have one. Why is this? There are several reasons.

Without a script, the audio/visual people cannot do their job. They need to know what you are going to say and when you are going to say it. They need to know what you will be doing and when you will be doing it. They need to know where you will be on the stage. This way, they can make an effective recording of your demo while making sure that the people in the audience can hear and see you.

Also, without a script (verbatim), you will have a difficult time making sure that your demo is complete in 6 minutes or less. If you try to do this demo extemporaneously, you will probably run over. If you run over, you are out of the running for a DEMOgod Award and it will look bad to the audience.

When you write you script, it is vital that you write down EVERYTHING. And, I mean everything. Write down what each person in the demo will be saying. Write down every blocking move (those things you will be doing that have no words such as click here, tap here, walk over to the podium, etc.) I recommend color coding the script so that each person involved knows what they saying, when, where, and how. Also, it is vital that you include all of the A/V cues so that they can easily follow you in your demo. Having all of this information in your script will make it easier to learn the script and help insure the timing is under 6 minutes.

Here's a portion of a script that I used last year. Feel free to take poetic license in designing your script, but be sure it is easy to follow and read. This is only one example of a form for a script. If you want a copy of the original script, drop me an email.


Above All Studio DEMO 2004 6-Minute Script

Legend: Roger, Deborah, A/V Cues, Blocking Moves, Timing

A/V Roger and Deborah each have a wireless microphone.

Deborah is stationed at the podium with Laptop 1.

Roger is out on stage in front of the podium.

Setup: is open. Application should be cached. Saved .aaa file to the Desktop. Open the object types and operations. Then, Studio should be running minimized with all app folders closed. IM to Roger is open and addressed on Laptop 1.

• 6:00 countdown timer

A/V Roger on the big screen.

R Thank you Chris. We are here to introduce Above All Studio 1.0, which slashes your integration project time from months to minutes.

A/V Laptop 1 on the big screen.

R Deborah, let’s show the audience how we can do a 2 month integration project in 4 minutes. Let’s take that typical one where sales people are frustrated because they don’t have a 360-degree transactional access to all the information that pertains to their customers.

D Okay. I’ll start in the application and show you the link we gave users to the integrated solution we assembled using Above All Studio. Here is the finished solution showing the account information, the customer’s orders and all of the customer’s outstanding call center issues, all on a single page inside, pause even though that information comes from 3 different applications.

R That’s great. Let’s show the audience how you built that composite application with Above All Studio, but show them the hard way first.

Click on, click on Remedy, click on Order System in the repository as you talk through the next point.

D All right. In the Above All Studio repository here on the left, I’ve already cataloged the software services available from those 3 different applications. They are using for opportunity management, Remedy for issue tracking, and a legacy order management system.

R Show them how simple it is to provide access to the account information stored in Expand out the account object to get to the operation.

Need to have a form open.

D Okay, I’ll drag the lookupaccounts operation onto a form like this. And, I can quickly test it by entering an account name and clicking the lookupaccounts button.

And so on and so on...If you want the full copy of this script, contact me.