Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

DEMOmobile Hint-To-Success #3

This hint is a simple one. Do not waste time reintroducing yourself and team on stage.

After viewing and taking copious notes on demos from many DEMO and DEMOmobile conferences, about 85% of the companies that give an on stage demo start by telling the audience who they are. I know that most presentation skills books and classes tell you to tell the audience who you are. But, this venue is different.

Every demo is introduced by Chris Shipley. She does a great job putting context around your demo and she introduces your company, by name, AND the people, by name, coming up on stage. So, why waste any of your precious 6 minutes repeating what she just said. It's annoying and I think the audience doesn't need to hear it twice, especially since your information is in the program guide that everyone is following anyway.

Do us all a favor please. Let the introduction from Chris carry you right into your demo. Get to your demo and forget about who you are. Your time on stage should be all about your product. If the audience wants to meet you, they'll find you in the pavilion or in between sessions.