Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

DEMOmobile Hint-To-Success #8

Music Maestro! One of the best methods of motivating yourself is through music. Find one or two pieces of music that set you on fire so you can use them to instantly get you in the right frame of mind for your demo.

Personally, I use the Rocky theme song (from the original movie) anytime I need to get motivated. When the movie came out in the summer of 1976, I saw it 12 times in 5 days. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I actually watched the movie 3 times back-to-back on the first day. What can I say. It inspired me to know that I could have anything I really wanted in life if I wanted it bad enough like Rocky did, but am also willing to work at it too. The music and movie are so ingrained in my brain that I don’t even need my MP3 player anymore to listen to it.

Use your inspirational music as often as possible to get you motivated to do your best. Play the music just before you walk out on stage, in your head, of course. Go out on stage and have fun. Smile and look out over the bright lights at the audience who is anxiously awaiting your demo. Demo your product and get the audience excited and inspired to visit your booth. Give it your best shot and let your favorite music pave the way to a DEMOgod Award for you and your company.