Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

Emergency Demo Coaching for DEMO 09

I have heard from several companies invited to present at DEMO 09 who have the same challenges that most other businesses are having these days. They are cutting corners and trying to reserve cash to make it through the coming times. I appreciate that and want to offer a helping hand. With less than 3 weeks remaining before you go on stage, you are probably feeling the pressure that comes with a high profile, high stakes event like DEMO. Don't worry. It's natural and you should feel pressure and nerves at this moment in time. If not, you probably won't do very well on stage.

Getting help from The Demo Coach right now will give you an extra edge on stage and help you prepare for the most important demo of your company's life!

Since there is not enough time to sign up for the Silver, Gold, or Gold+ programs offered at The Demo Coach, we are now offering Emergency Demo Coaching for DEMO 09. This coaching is designed to help you at whatever stage you are at right now. We will fast track you to the finish line in Palm Desert by offering a 4 session program. Each session runs about 90 minutes on the phone or in person.

Please call today to talk to us about how we can help you do better than your best at DEMO 09. Our phone number is (800) 221-0782 or international (510) 400-7917.