Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

Ready to accept new clients for DEMO 09 and beyond

With 2009 now upon us, it's time to make some new offers from The Demo Coach. For DEMO 09, we now have 4 programs to select from to get you ready to give the demo of your life on stage in Palm Desert. With Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Gold+ programs, you get to choose the amount of time you want to devote to preparing and rehearsing for your 6-minute demo. Each program contains the same list of topics, but the big difference is the amount of coaching you get from us. Please call 1.800.221.0782 for more information and to speak with us about your needs.

In addition to DEMO 09, we have been spending more and more of our coaching time working with companies that are preparing for meetings with the Venture Capital community. These presentations and demos can mean the difference between getting funded or not. With our coaching, we promise that you will be better prepared, more engaging, and have a better chance at leaving a truly lasting impression that could mean the difference between getting the much needed capital to expand your company.

So, here's an amazingly simple, yet powerful offer from The Demo Coach: Give us your PowerPoint presentation and we'll make it 100% more effective in less than 15 minutes! And, you pay us nothing. It's our way of giving back and paying it forward.

To take us up on this offer, send your slide deck to If you want an immediate response, please call us at 1.800-221-0782 once the email has been sent.