Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

We coached 4 out of 5 DEMOgod Award Winners at DEMOfall 09

If DEMOfall 09 was any indicator, the economy has truly taken a turn for the better. This year's DEMOfall was packed with innovation. 70 companies launched their product in an environment that was buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit. At each conference, a select few companies are awarded the prestigious DEMOgod Award for their outstanding presentation. Out of the 5 winners of a DEMOgod Award for their on stage demo, 4 were coached by The Demo Coach. They are Hevva, TwirlTV, Emo Labs, and Zorap. Barry Spencer, the CEO of Zorap, was already a 2 time winner of the DEMOgod Award. When I asked him why he needed a coach, he told me that he wanted to make sure he did his best and that having a coach boosted his confidence while helping make the script more memorable.

But wait... It gets even better. This year, a very special award was up for grabs: $1 Million People's Choice Media Prize. Guess what? Both of the winners were coached by The Demo Coach as well. The Enterprise winner was: Liaise, Inc. and the consumer winner was Emo Labs. Emo Labs won a DEMOgod Award and the $1 Million prize!

We congratulate each and every winner. You have shown that it does pay to hire a coach, no matter how experienced you already are.