Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

Yes, I have time to help

In the past two weeks, several people have called asking if I have the time to coach with the DEMO conference coming next month.  The answer is yes.  At this moment in time, I have time to help. The way I work is I see a demo of the product.  It does not matter if the product is not ready for a demo, but I need to see what the product is intending to be.  I can even handle a hand waving demo.

Once I see the product, I will give you a proposal of what I can do for you.  I handle everything from writing the script to being with you in the Green room behind stage and everything in between.  My fees are based on how much time you require of me to support you in your quest to achieve your best work on stage.

There is a little more than one month to the start of DEMOfall 2007 in San Diego.  If you don't have a script by now, you are late.  I usually have my clients practicing their script by this time.

Don't wait any longer to see if I can help you.  Call me at 510.579.8530.

Until then, Nathan

PS: Although I have not updated my secrets to success in sometime, I continue to offer the same advice and training to my clients today.  Please feel free to peruse my other postings to get a better idea of what I can do for you.