Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

Back from Ireland and England

I have returned from an amazing trip abroad. I met many wonderful people and had the opportunity to present The Top 10 Mistakes People Make In Presentations And How To Avoid Them several times to a very diverse audience of people from many parts of the world. The most fun part was #8, which is Cultural Unawareness. It's a hoot and a laugh when people explain how a gesture, a word, a picture, and a reference to food mean one thing in one culture and something completely different in another. I also just received this note from one of the people who joined me for the presentation I recently gave in Liverpool, England. I thought it would be fun to share it with you...

Dear Nathan,

What a pleasure it was to attend your presentation in Liverpool. We met prior to your presentation, during your presentation, and after.  You were kind enough to present me with your book on demo presentations.   It was so good I read it in one sitting!!  I subsequently read it at a slower pace and what was remarkable was how the contents of your presentation reflected the book contents.  I assure you it was a memorable presentation.  I was the guy who in our pre-meeting chat explained to you my invention and the difficulty I had in getting people to understand what I was talking about. You came up, within a minute,  that wonderful description of a car and space ship analogy. I know this was totally effective because of the audience reaction during the networking after your presentation.  Thank you.

We in the UK desparately need your skills. In fact I think the whole of Europe does. I recently sat through a European wide series of business presentations that was abysmal without exception. Nathan, it was a joy attending your presentation, I learned a lot and look forward to developing our relationship.

Very best wishes, Rodney Jackson Managing Director Cojac Limited

My host was Steve Smith from Liverpool Vision. Thank you Steve for assembling a great group of people who participated on every level. I had a really enjoyable time with everyone.