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Back from Minneapolis/St.Paul where entrepreneurs are thriving

Gray Plant MootyI was invited to coach 15 companies at Gray Plant Mooty law firm in Minneapolis/St. Paul last week and the results are in. I am always happy to see the fairly immediate results that people get when coached on their presentation and pitch skills. The best part of my work is that if people don't improve quickly, there is no reason for me to be a pitch coach!

If you are looking for a great law firm that is very friendly to entrepreneurs, give a shout to Frank, Kermit, and Dan over at Gray Plant Mooty. From what I can tell, they may be one of the best sources for law work in the country with connections all over the world. Tell'em Nathan sent you!

Gray Plant Mooty

Here is a note from Dan Tenenbaum, one of the attorney's at the firm who had a number of companies represented at the workshop:

Nathan, not sure if you follow our blog (entreVIEWblog) or not, but I thought you would be interested in my post this morning. Thanks again for a terrific event last week. I’ve heard good feedback from clients.

--Dan Daniel Tenenbaum, Attorney Gray Plant Mooty 500 IDS Center 80 South Eighth Street Minneapolis, MN USA 55402