Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

Brand new "Lean Approach" vids of Steve Blank at Kauffman Founders School

Steve Blank Brings 'Lean Approach' Lessons to Kauffman Founders School Kauffman Founders School has launched a new education series to encourage entrepreneurs to undertake a process of customer discovery, development, and iteration to achieve the right product and market fit. The new online content features insights from Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and educator Steve Blank, who describes how early-stage startups can succeed by emphasizing a business model over a business plan. He advises founders to systematically test their assumptions and look for insights that can shape their business through this process.

To me, in addition to the great information and lessons you learn from Steve, his home is amazing! What a backdrop for creativity and learning and just chillin' out.

See and learn more from Steve's work here at Kauffman Founder School.