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Can you find your "stuff" in the cloud?

Do you use any of these 25 services to manage your "stuff" in the cloud? Primadesk Services as of July 27, 2011

If you're like me, you use several, if not many of them. Each time I want to see what's in that particular service, I need to know the URL, username, and password! What a pain, especially when I can't even remember where half my "stuff" is at any given time.

Well, I discovered Primadesk at the DEMO conference and they are on the move. I am now using their SaaS to manage just about all of my cloud services from one place with a single sign on.

Primadesk makes it VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY easy to find things in your cloud. In fact, to illustrate the point of how hard it is to find your "stuff" in the cloud, when they did their demo on stage, all of the lights went out when the CEO walked out. He came out with a flashlight and shined it around asking people if they feel like this when looking for their data in the cloud. It was quite funny and made the audience crack up! Take a look here:

I recommend you take a look at Primadesk because it can really simplify your on-line cloud life!