Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

DEMO Asia 2012 starts tomorrow!

For those of you who are tracking the events of DEMO in Singapore, here is a showing of where the companies who will be launching or giving an alpha pitch are coming from. It's quite impressive to meet these companies beforehand and then see the transformation after coaching. Tomorrow is a full day of dress rehearsals. Speaking of rehearsals, I believe there is a BIG difference in practicing and rehearsing. Practicing is something you do by yourself. You take your script and memorize it and learn it so that you can deliver it without using any notes. Rehearsing is different in that you must do this in front of a living breathing person or people. If you don't have any people watching you when you rehearse, then it is called practice in my book. If you have people with you, even if they don't give you any comments or feedback, then it is called rehearsal.

Here is a map of where the companies launching this week are from:

DEMO Asia 2012