Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

DEMOmobile Hint-To-Success #10

This is the final Hint-To-Success for helping you get better prepared to give your most compelling and passionate demo ever at DEMOmobile 2004. Celebrate your hard work and successful demo at DEMOmobile 2004.

Once the demo is over, it’s time to celebrate with your team. I am sure that it has been a huge effort to get to this point and you deserve to take a moment and lock this in as one of your peak experiences in life. Cherish the experience and anchor the feelings forever. I guarantee that you will be calling on this story many times in your future.

Also, be sure to get a copy of your demo from the video crew. The taping is broken up into morning and afternoon sessions on each day of the conference. Your tape or DVD can be duplicated on the spot so that you have a souvenir to take with you to show your company, friends, and relatives. Add it to your portfolio of accomplishments. Congratulations. I hope you enjoyed your journey to the DEMOmobile 2004 stage!