Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

DEMOSpring 2011 is just around the corner

DEMOSpring 2011 Banner DEMOSpring 2011 is rapidly approaching. For those of you who have already been invited, I encourage you to get started on your script ideas right away. Jot down every idea you have without judging any ideas for the next few weeks. Ask all of the people in your inner circle to add to that list. The basic question you are trying to brainstorm is how you can leave an everlasting impact on the viewing audience in the room as well as out in Internetland. When you present at DEMO, you are presenting to the world since your demo will be on-line for all to see within 24 hours of you walking off stage.

For a complete listing of the coaching programs available to companies presenting at DEMOSpring 2011, look here.