Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

From Bratislava, Slovakia with love

So, it is day 18 of an 18 day trip abroad and I am looking forward to heading home to San Francisco to see my family, local friends and sleep on my bed with my favorite pillow. It's been an amazing trip to 4 countries where I had the distinct pleasure of presenting on presenting to over 1,400 people. It seems surreal to me that I would be in front of that many people on one trip. In Oslo, I presenting to about 600+ people, 150+ in Prague, Moscow was mostly mentoring and coaching 1:1 for the StartupMonthly program, and 550+ in Bratislava. It's hard for me to wrap my head around these numbers as this trip seems to have flown by even though I have been away from home for 3 weekends.

Bratislava, Slovakia was one of the most interesting and exciting stops on my journey. I arrived into Vienna, Austria on Sunday afternoon and was driven about 45 minutes to a hotel that was a stones throw from the Danube River.


On Sunday evening, I went to a local meeting where over 100 entrepreneurs were gathered to hear some local speakers and see 4 pitches from local startups. Then on Monday, I was met at the hotel at 9 and we went over to my hosts for this trip: Neulogy.


They were amazing hosts. Jaro, David, and Michaela took very good care of me and made sure I was where I needed to be at all times. Thank you sooooooo much for the wonderful hospitality that you showed me while I was with you for the past 36 hours. It was amazing!


After a whirlwind day, I was whisked off to the Slovak Technical University to present How to captivate any audience in less than 30 seconds to entrepreneurs and people from all walks of like here in Bratislava. Neulogy opened up the registration to the public and on Sunday night there were over 300 people registered. After we did a short pitch on the evening to the entrepreneurs on Sunday, registrations climbed to over 400 by 5:00 PM on Monday evening. By the time we got started just after 6:00 PM, there were hardly any seats available in the room and in the balcony. I even heard that people were coming down from upstairs saying there were no seats in the balcony. This was a mind blowing to me, but very exciting at the same time.


This audience stayed with me for a 90 minute talk last night. I was told by several people after I was finished that in all of the presentations they have attended they could actually hear and understand everything I said because this was the first time no one talked at all. Apparently, when presenters are presenting here, people in the audience are always talking to each other. But, these peeps told me that it was their first experience where no one was talking while I was presenting. Hmmmmmm.....

To say the least, Bratislava and Neulogy made these past 36 hours one of the highlights of my trip. I look forward to coming back here in the near future to continue the momentum that Slovakia is creating around building entrepreneurship in this country.




Oh, I almost forgot to thank Slovakia for continuing the Indian summer that started almost 18 days ago. I am so lucky that the weather was so amazing in every country on this trip.

Almost time to get a ride to Vienna to catch my flight to Frankfurt and then the long flight to SFO. Catch you later...Until next time, Bratislava and all my new found friends!