Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

Getaround wins 1st place at TechCrunch Disrupt 2011

It's really very exciting to me when a client comes to me just a few days before an event and asks for help. I live for those types of opportunities. And, that's exactly what happened when Getaround called me just a few days before TechCrunch Disrupt 2011. The founders of the company were seasoned presenters and had been on stage at DEMO in another company, but they each felt that in order to hit a homerun, they needed some coaching.

I arrived at the Getaround offices in San Francisco on the Friday before the event. Sam Zaid, co-founder (the tallest dude on the right side of the check) and I went over the script and made all sorts of changes in order to make the demo even more memorable. On Sunday, Jessica Scorpio, co-founder (holding the check) and I used Skype to rehearse the script while they sat in their N.Y.C. hotel. They worked extra hours to be sure that the demo was indelibly inscribed in their minds and that it was delivered with passion and over-the-top enthusiasm. And, that's just what they did!

One of the best parts of the demo was when the camera shifted to the back of the room where a Tesla was sitting. As part of their demo, they used the iPhone to unlock the Tesla to demonstrate how someone would actually get into a car they rent through Getaround. It was a magical moment for the team at Getaround and the audience apparently loved what they saw.

Getaround was chosen as one of the two audience choice winners among 32 presenting companies and came out as the top company in the event. They walked away with a check for $50,000.