Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

How To Pitch To Investors In Under 2 Minutes

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from entrepreneurs is, "How do you pitch to investors in under 2 minutes?" Actually, it's one of the most important things you may ever need to prepare for in your business, especially in a start-up. In many investment circles around the world, whether angel or venture, you very often find yourself in a position to give a 2 minute pitch to see if someone is interested in hearing more about your business. And, it's often to a panel of investors who have heard hundreds or even thousands of pitches.

I created a new video that shows you how to pitch to investors in under 2 minutes without the aid of any slides. When you are given the opportunity to pitch your company and all you have is a microphone and a panel of investors waiting for you to pitch, you need to be well scripted and rehearsed for the performance, if you expect great results.

So, I ask you. Are you satisfied with the results you're getting from the investor pitches you are making? If not, take a look at this:

Without a script indelibly inscribed in your brain, most people will usually run over on time, get cut off, not cover everything you wanted to talk about, or worse, completely lose your way. This cannot and should not be an extemporaneous talk where you condense your 10 minute presentation into 2 minutes. It will not work! This video will show you a proven model for how to script your 2 minute pitch.

I am confident you would agree that the real purpose of the 2 minute pitch is to convince an investor to ask you questions that will ultimately lead to one of two outcomes. Either they will like you enough to continue talking or they can become a resource for you to leverage at some time in the future.

Just last week, at the VCTaskforce in Palo Alto, 10 companies were given 2 minutes to pitch to a panel of angel investors. The panelists were who's who in Silicon Valley. Tom Cervantez founder of the Harvard Angels and Golden Gate Angels. Raffy Chatav from Silicom Ventures. John Ryan from Band of Angels. And Paul Twombly from Keiretsu Forum. You should see and hear what these people gave as feedback to people who obviously had not really prepared for their pitch. The people who were prepared showed that they had worked hard to ensure that they covered all of the important points in less than 120 seconds. There are many organizations like this where you have 2 minutes to pitch your idea to get to the next level.

Speaking of preparing, that is exactly what this video is all about. You will learn how to have a great opening that will capture the attention of the listener. Following that, you'll be able to clearly articulate the value of your business by answering 6 questions on the minds of your investors.

After watching this video, you will clearly understand and know how NOT to sound the S.A.M.E. as other presenters. And, you’ll be able to effectively use the Columbo Close, a powerful attention-getting tool, as the last words the investor will hear from you. And, everything you learn here can be used in your next pitch!

The information contained in this video is the result of the last 5 years of delivering workshops and coaching real people. It’s the same information I give out in the first coaching session along with a homework assignment. This is not a sales presentation to get you to hire me. This video contains only “solid nourishment” and no “empty calories” to waste your time or money.