Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

It's 25 years today!

I find myself sitting here in the Oslo Airport reflecting on my life. Maybe it has something to do with being away from home for 14 days. Or, maybe it's because today is my 25th wedding anniversary. Now, that's something that should be celebrated at home, right? Well, I'm here to share that my bride of 25 years is not sentimental about these sort of things, nor am I. We both know that whether it's the actual day of the life event or a few days later, it doesn't really matter. It removes most of the stress related with celebrating anything, actually! I believe that's one of the reasons we are able to get through the days or weeks when we are separated by an ocean and 9 or more time zones and a day like today is in between.

So, to my dearest Leigh Ann,

While I cannot be with you or have you in my arms today, know that I am thinking of you. I found myself drifting off occasionally today recalling the years we have been together.

I am so beyond happy to have you with me for the past 25 years. It's been amazing. Having Felicia and Alaina with you as their mom is even more than I could have hoped for as a husband and parent. You have been and continue to be a wonderful role model for them and me, which goes way beyond parenting.

For you, I wish today to be filled with good memories of the day we said, "I do. I do." Being here in Oslo and other parts of the country where snow is everywhere, I am reminded that on March 20, 1988 on Long Island, it snowed about 1 inch just hours before our wedding and made it so totally memorable to start the day, especially in March!

I will see you on Saturday with open arms. We'll celebrate the number of years in a few days time. However, in my book, everyday is a celebration with you in my life. How about another 25? Whatdaysay girl?

Loving you always, Nathan

PS: Sorry for the public address here darling. But, sitting here alone in Oslo at the moment somehow made the words just fall out of my fingers into the iPad and onto my blog.