Nathan Gold

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Kansas City, MO entrepreneurs celebrate on the iMax screen

I'm off to Kansas for the Pipeline Entrepreneurs Innovator of the Year ceremony. The CEO's of the chosen startups have the unusual opportunity to present to investors on an iMax screen in the actual movie theater. This should be amazing and certainly a first for me BTW, arrived at the Oakland Airport with my usual buffer of time this morning and was treated to an experience that reminded me of the good 'ol days of travel.

Apparently, Southwest Airlines talked to the DHS about me and bumped me to the TSA PRE status without telling me. When I went to the usual cattle line, the TSA agent smiled and gently told me to go to the TSA PRE line. I didn't even notice the PRE letters on my boarding pass. Why me? Dunno!

No need to remove shoes, take off belt, empty pockets of all Altoid mints, or even remove that quart bag of under 3 oz liquids or gels. I could even leave my vest on as it was really cold in the airport today.

Thank you Southwest Airlines! I even stopped by the main head dude in charge at TSA desk to thank them. I actually said, "Thank you for not treating me like a criminal today!" He smiled too. I wonder if this can continue not just for me, but for all travelers.