Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

PlugandPlayTechCenter hosts 400 people to hear 30 2-minute investor pitches

I am often asked if the 2-minute investor pitch is something you should prepare for or just wing it? People always tell me that 2 minutes is too little time to really convey what you do, especially when dealing with a potential investor. My response to this is always the same because PlugandPlayTechCenter is an example where 30 companies were each given exactly 2 minutes to pitch their company to an audience of about 400 people, many of which were investors. When the clock hit zero, the presenter was escorted off the stage. This event takes place every quarter during the year and it's only one example of an organization that gives the presenter under 2 minutes to present their opportunity.

Take a look at the three companies that were selected as the top presenters at the PlugandPlayTechCenter International Expo. Two to the three top winners used The Demo Coach model for How To Pitch To Investors In Under 2-Minutes.

In summary, here's what I coached TapMap and Super Compare to do well before the event:

1-Clearly write out your 2-minute pitch word for word, including the closing remarks and the ask. In the opening remarks, be sure an say or do something that will hook or grab your audience so they will want to really listen to you.

2-Fine tune the script and try it out on some real people including your PR firm, if you have one. Continue to fine tune.

3-Memorize it word for word. It's one of the only ways you will get it out in under 2 minutes. Trust me. Give yourself 10-15 minutes of rehearsal per day and you'll have it down in 5-10 days. It should take the average person about 2-3 hours to memorize a 2 minute pitch not including the rehearsals where you fine tune the "how" the 2 minutes is delivered. It's not about the words alone. It's more about how you deliver those words to the audience.

4-Rehearse the memorized 2 minutes until it becomes second nature and you have put the passion and enthusiasm behind the words. Don't just try and blast out as many words as possible. Make every word count and be sure to emphasize words and phrases that you want people to really hang onto.

When you reach the point where your 2-minute pitch is coming from the head and the heart, you are ready to sign up for an opportunity to give your 2-minute investor pitch.

Good luck. Break a leg, as we say in show business. And, remember that investors are people just like you and me. They want to do business with people they respect and like. Be sure and remember that the 2-minute pitch is really just the first step to getting to know your potential investor. It just opens the door, if done well.