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Presentation tips for iPad Presenters

I haven't used a laptop to present with in a really long time. I have been traveling internationally with the iPad for over 8 months now and I have never looked back for my laptop. It stays home now and I remote into it once in a blue moon when I need something. It saves me so much time, especially when arriving at the meeting location. The iPad as a presentation tool has literally changed my life and reduced my stress tremendously.

In case you have not seen them, I always use one of the VGA or HDMI cables connected to the bottom of the iPad to the projector, given that the cable THEY provide is in a place where I want to present. Then, I connect their sound to the iPad headphone jack. Sometimes, I'll use my own Jawbone wireless speaker to let the room hear better, if the room is without a sound system.

The HDMI cable lets you plug in power to the iPad whereas the VGA cable does not. However, I see only about 20% of the conference rooms I use able to connect HDMI. One day, they will all be HDMI, hopefully.

Is this helpful or did you know all of this already?

iPad Presentation Tips

-Use a pointer tool for a more professional look while on stage -Use the Logitech slim keyboard/stand/cover and set it up in 30 seconds -Add eGrips to your iPad to prevent dropping and sliding and scratches! -Must have two cables...VGA and HDMI -Special micro-cloth to clean screen before every presentation -Always set the Auto Lock to Never when presenting -Turn off all Notifications so you are not bothered with messages during a presentation -Use voice recognition when appropriate as it is very accurate (Dragon) -You can easily screen shot and txt/email to people -Discover Prezi, which gives you freedom to design and surprise your audience all while off line!

What are some tips that work for you? Do tell in the Comments.