Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

The 2 week mark to DEMOSpring 2011 is today!

If you are one of the fortunate demonstrators headed to the desert in 2 weeks, it is going to be an amazing show with incredible opportunities to meet new people and network with old friends. This conference is poised to, once again, be one of the best places to announce your new product, service, and/or company! With literally 2 weeks to the day when you will have a full dress rehearse of your demo in Palm Desert, this is the time to concentrate on rehearsing your demo over and over until it becomes natural and you can deliver it without looking at your notes. The best demos tend to be the ones where people rehearse until the demo doesn't look rehearsed.

This stage is not a place to cut corners by leaving the practice until the last few days. If you think you will go out on the DEMO stage and wing it or try delivering it extemporaneously, it will likely fail or have a much better chance at failing. Remember, this is a 6 minute, ready, set, go, no second takes demo. If you plan to finish in 6 minutes, you MUST be very well rehearsed and comfortable with your script.

Do yourself a massively big favor now and mark time slots in your calendar for script rehearsal everyday between now and arriving in the desert. If you still need help fine tuning your script or you want another opinion on your demo, I am available. I also still have 2 On Call coaching slots available, if you want to have an edge on stage.