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The New Rules of Writing a Memorable Slogan by Tim Donnelly

This evening, I was searching around for some pictures and fell onto Tim Donnelly's New Rules of Writing a Memorable Slogan. I found his insights into writing taglines excellent and wanted to pass it on to you because it just may help you in your business. Here's how it starts out:

By Tim Donnelly | @timdonnelly | Jan 31, 2011 Want to come up with the next "Got milk?" We've asked industry pros for their most creative tips for creating a sticky, meaningful tagline.

You could spend hours locked in a room with a team of writers trying to come up with a catchy slogan for your business and still not strike gold. But the folks who are the tops in the field say inspiration often comes in strange places - and often when you least expect it. Sticking to the conventional wisdom about things like length doesn't always work either: Geico's "15 minutes" tagline looks clunky and long at first glance, but the phrase worked. It got stuck in the national psyche, and before long Conan O'Brien and other TV personalities were repeating it on the air.

Here is the rest of his great insights: