Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

Top 15 Tips For DEMO Presenters

Here are my Top 15 Tips for people planning to present on stage or give an Alpha pitch at DEMO in a few weeks:

  1. Determine the overall goal for going to DEMO before writing a script. Then, be sure the demo plays straight to your goals.
  2. Start your demo in the first 15-30 seconds. Remember, the audience is there to "see" your demo, not hear about it.
  3. Tell a story that is compelling and memorable and be willing to do something no one else has ever done before on stage.
  4. When storyboarding your demo, think show 'n tell. Not tell 'n show.
  5. Have a call to action at the end of the demo. And, asking people to come to your booth is a weak call to action. Get creative.
  6. Memorize every word by practicing until it hurts. Then, practice more until you add your heart and emotions back into the script by using your voice and body language effectively.
  7. Mark rehearsal times on your calendar now and do not move them for anything.
  8. Have an outsider review your plans for the demo (Board members, PR, or a professional coach.)
  9. Show some love to the AV crew because they are the people who will make your time on stage look professional (and they may even be able to make you look 20 pounds lighter if you smile and ask nicely!)
  10. Do not wear a white shirt, herringbone, or hounds tooth clothing because it makes the camera go crazy!
  11. Put your best presenter on stage to do the talking, even if that person is your receptionist. It's not about fame. It's about making a great lasting impact on the audience and viewers in Internet land.
  12. Rehearse in front of a video camera and watch your performance. The best way to learn how to improve is to actually watch yourself in action! Video is one of the best learning tools you can use during this process.
  13. If you tend to get dry mouth when you get nervous, try using an old actors trick. Put a small amount of plain Vaseline on the outside of your upper and lower teeth so your lips don't stick.
  14. When Matt Marshall is introducing you, take 2-3 slow deep abdominal breaths as you get ready to speak and channel the rush of adrenalin into excitement and enthusiasm as you take your place on the stage.
  15. Remember to have fun and smile, especially when you are on camera!

Good luck to all of you who are headed to the most amazing stage on the planet for announcing your company, product, or service to the world. Your demo or alpha pitch will be on-line on the DEMO website within hours of your performance and it will stay there for a very long time. Make sure you put your best foot forward to get the most out of this experience as possible.