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Under-promise and over-deliver - a good thing?

I am always on the lookout for resources on the Web that can save me time and money. Several years ago, I used a crowdsourcing Web site to get designers to help me with a new logo and Web site. It was amazing to see how people from around the world would participate in a contest where they had to submit their design and wait and hope to be picked as the "only" winner. I don't recall how many designs we had turned in, but that's not the point to this post. I just wanted to introduce the concept of crowdsourcing for graphic design, in case you had not heard about it before. I always enjoy the chance to under-promise and over-deliver for my clients. Whenever I do this, I make sure that what I do promise is reasonable, acceptable, and most importantly, achievable!  So, several weeks ago I met a new client who was having their logo created by a designer and they were promised 3 individual designs. I asked the CEO if he would be interested in getting more designs from more designers. What I actually said was, "If I could provide you with 10 designs from 10 individual designers in 7 days, would that be worth $1,000 to you?" To which he replied, "Where do I send the check?"

Here are the results of their logo contest:

99designs.comFor some reason, this contest went over-the-top crazy. In the past, usually people submitted designs around the third day or so. This contest had 65 designs submitted on the first day from 24 designers. I don't believe it was only the prize money that encouraged 325 designers to submit 1,279 designs. I couldn't believe it when the contest was actually over. It was chaotic and thrilling at the same time.

Was this a good thing? Over-delivering by 1,200% was really fun for me. I know Twyngo certainly thought so! The only downside to over-delivering on this project was that it took them hours and hours to review all of the designs. Eventually, they narrowed the lot down to 16 choices before asking friends, family and others what they thought. Ultimately, they kept going back to one of the two most favored designs. And, now they have a new logo that they are all thrilled with and they have full ownership rights to the logo artwork.

If you have any graphic design needs such as logos, Web sites, banner ads, etc., 99Designs can be your ticket to worry free design while saving tons of cash for other needs.