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Welcome Back in a very special way

I am sitting here in my hotel enjoying the last few hours in Oslo, Norway and I keep thinking about a video I saw yesterday, So, I found the source of the video and I wanted to share it with people that read this blog, but don't use Facebook. It's a little off topic, but worth it. Welcome Back is a video in a series of creative T-Mobile ads. There is no talking and no selling, so not to worry. There are 8 pieces of music combined in a very unique way.

NOTE: There are no instruments used in this video. And, no "music over" like people do with voice overs. It's true...I checked. Listen carefully...Turn up the speakers or put on the headphones for this one and press play:

In fact, there were no instruments in the video production and it was recorded in one take! Every passenger that came off the flight had no idea what was going on. The producers timed each song change to the type of passenger or passengers that came through the door and they did it in real time. There were 18 hidden cameras and 300 singers. Imagine all of those wireless headsets and the bank of inputs to the recording equipment! It was more than likely the largest acapella sing along ever assembled in one place singing at the same time. But, I may be wrong on that,

I hope you enjoyed watching this as much as I did. I had a smile on my face for the entire length of the video. How did you feel after you were finished watching? Leave a comment below...