Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

WolframAlpha can instantly help with your creativity needs

I am often asked how to get more creative when it comes to effectively describing a business, product, or service. On the one hand, it's a fairly complicated issue and usually requires many brainstorming sessions with professionals and lots of money. On the other hand, it shouldn't really be that hard. You live and dream about what you are doing everyday. So, why make it difficult on yourself and others trying to describe what you do with terms that many people simply don't get? Here's an interesting idea...try WolframAlpha. It doesn't give you a bunch of links or typical search engine results. It actually gives you computed information about your topic. They call it the computational knowledge engine. I am continually impressed and surprised by the results, and it's free. I would never have thought about searching for some of the results and references it hands me. It'll also take knowledge about your topic and calculate results you might never dream of.WolframAlphaIt's an incredible way to get instant inspiration and new ideas on any topic or idea. Try it out and see what it does for you. You may be surprised by what you find in the data you get back.