Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

Big Omaha 2014

It was my honor to represent the Kauffman Founders School at the Big Omaha 2014 event in Omaha, Nebraska. It was one of the most amazing audiences I have ever presented in front of. The caliber of people and energy in the room was the highest I have seen in a long time at a technology event for entrepreneurs. And, it was a terrific collection of people to network with.

The organizers gave me 15 minutes with 750 people to present How to captivate any audience. The videographers did a great job melding the visuals in with the video.

For more details on having this type of Keynote delivered for your audience, please contact me.

Q&A: Mastering the Unpredictable

It was my honor to represent the Kauffman Founders School at GEW.


Here's a keynote I delivered for an audience of about 350 at the Build2Grow conference at Forskningsparken in Oslo, Norway. The topic was How to captivate any audience in less than 30-seconds. The recording shows the video feed and the visuals for a complete experience.