Nathan Gold

Presentation Coach and Keynote Speaker


NOTE: All decks must be in the hands of Avinash by December 11 by 6:00 PM.

Welcome to your Demo Day preparation page. I am honored to be chosen to be your pitch coach to help get you ready to present your company to a room full of people on Tuesday, December 12, 2017.

I will be with you in Bangalore for rehearsals beginning December 7. Here is the plan for your 7-minute pitch with no Q&A:

December 4 - Webinar to go over the fundamentals of creating a pitch for Demo Day and how to prepare for the actual pitch. If you were unable to attend this webinar, you can watch a recording below. If you want to download the PowerPoint deck used in the webinar, it is here.

December 7 - Reserved for 1:1 sessions with me. Each company will have 45-minutes to go over their pitch and get feedback and coaching.

December 8 - Reserved for 1:All where you will each deliver your pitch to a friendly room of people including me, you, the 5 other companies, Avinash, and several others. You will each pitch for 7-minutes and then receive feedback and coaching. NOTE: It will be a long day, but you will all learn something new by watching the other companies receive their coaching.

December 11 - Tech Dress Rehearsal from 16:00-20:00 where we will be sure that all of your slides and tech are working properly on the computer that will be housing all presentations. The show will be called out and each presenter will run through their parts including all NetApp and invited guests. You DO NOT need to wear the clothes you plan to wear on Demo Day.

December 12 - Demo Day begins at 14:45. However, we will do a Full Dress Rehearsal in the morning from 9:00-12:00. The morning will give everyone a chance to experience the actual entire event from start to finish. You DO need to wear the clothes you plan to wear on stage.

Compelling Opening Techniques

If you do not have a compelling opening in your presentation, it makes it even harder to garner the attention of your audience. Here are 10 techniques you can think about using when opening a presentation or pitch. Each one has pros and cons depending on how you use them.

  1. Questions
  2. Imagine
  3. Numbers
  4. Quote
  5. Humor
  6. Demo
  7. Confession
  8. Secret
  9. Value Proposition
  10. Story

Investor Pitch Deck Template

There are many structures you can use to design your pitch deck. We have chosen a proven structure from Y-Combinator Demo Day so that you do not have to stress about the flow, form, or content of your pitch.

NOTE: There is really no one correct way of doing this. It is up to you to decide what to cover and how much to cover. Ultimately, you want to set your goal for the pitch and aim for that goal.

Y-Combinator 7 Step Investor Pitch Deck

  1. The Introduction
  2. The Problem You Are Solving
  3. The Product and the Customer
  4. The Opportunity
  5. The Traction
  6. The Team
  7. The Conclusion

Here is a form you can use with the Y-Combinator pitch deck:

For more details on the Y-Combinator pitch deck, go here.

Storytelling in Business

Using the power of storytelling in business is one of the most underutilized techniques when trying to persuade an audience to your way of thinking. This brief video will show you why your story is one of the most unique ways to stand out in a crowded world. You will see how a Story Matrix can save you many hours of preparation when adjusting your presentation to fit the audience.