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Update: 74 stories submitted as of Thursday, July 13 at 11:30 PM PDT

Global Sales Summit 2017 Workshop


Your stories can inspire, teach, and persuade people and this exercise will help share the wealth of knowledge among the employees at Retarus.

Prior to arriving at the sales kickoff meeting, please complete the tasks below. This entire effort will take you less than 30-minutes and is vitally important to the success of our time together.

Complete 3 steps BEFORE July 13:

  1. Watch the 9-minute video on Story below.
  2. Create your own Story Matrix.
  3. Record your stories.

Step 1: Watch this short video

This brief video excerpted will explain why your stories are the most unique way to stand out against your competition. Learn how a Story Matrix can be an invaluable tool when preparing presentations.


Step 2: Create a Story Matrix

A) Using a table or spreadsheet, create your own Story Matrix using the 4 column headings of Success, Failure, Fun, and Legend, as illustrated below.

B) Add a minimum of 3 row labels for the stories you want to keep track of such as Customer, Sales, and Me stories. Feel free to add as many row labels as you wish.

C) Add at least 3 story triggers into your Story Matrix with information such as date, company, and a few notes about the story to trigger your memory in the future for easier recall.

Step 3: Record your stories

The final step is to record your stories in video, maximum 3-minutes each. All videos will be used for internal purposes only.

You will receive a response from me to each and every video story you upload with feedback, suggestions, or questions.

As an incentive to deliver your best effort, there are 4 prizes on the table for: Best Success Story, Best Failure Story, Best Fun Story, and Best Legend Story. 

Click the What's Your Story? button below to begin recording your stories.

If you are new to recording yourself, please watch How to Record a Simple Video below. It will reduce your stress while showing you how simple it can be. There is no need to overthink this process. Watch and see how easy it can be: