How to Captivate Any Audience

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Simon Sinek's The Golden Circle

The Start With Why concept was popularized by Simon Sinek in his TEDx talk: How great leaders inspire action. If you have not seen this talk, please watch it right now. It is waiting for you below. If you have seen it, but not within the last 3 months, please watch it again. You will learn something new each time you watch it.

  1. Why = Purpose: What is your cause? What do you believe?

  2. How = Process: Specific actions taken to realize the why.

  3. What = Result: What do you do? The results of why. Proof!

After you watch the video, be sure and check out his book, Start with Why. It will give you a lot more detail behind what you hear in the video. The book will give you deeper insights into Why starting with your Why is so vitally important to standing out in the mind of your audience, especially investors.

If you have any questions or comments for me, please reach out to me here. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join me. I hope you found the session full of solid nourishment and not empty calories.