Welcome to Horizon 2020
Phase 2 Preparation

Congratulations! You have been selected to present your business at the Horizon 2020 SME competition.

Before you send your pitch deck for review, please consider these suggestions:

  1. Use 16:9 format when creating your slide decks.

  2. These slides are NOT handouts. Therefore, please minimize the amount of text on your slides and try to use a minimum of 24 point on all fonts. You only need prompts for yourself so the audience pays attention to what you are saying. Make your screen graphics as large as possible. Pictures are more compelling than words in most cases.

  3. Your deck may contain any number of slides. But the jury at H2020 is expecting you to cover all 10 items in their judging rubric. See link to pitch template below.

  4. Minimize the size of your PDF by using a free compressing tool such as https://smallpdf.com/compress-pdf

  5. In addition to your deck, please send me 3 questions you expect to receive from the jury:

    • The most common question you typically receive.

    • A more complicated question you may receive.

    • A question you hope you never hear from a jury.

Please follow these 3 Steps so you deliver your most persuasive pitch ever:

STEP 1: Send your pitch deck to Nathan Gold as soon as possible

  • Email: ngold@democoach.com with the deck attached or include a link anytime on Friday or over the weekend.

  • Nathan will review the deck for flow and design and get back to you within ~12 hours.

  • Use the pitch template as prescribed by H2020 and send in PDF format.

  • Send your deck for review as soon as possible even if it is not 100% complete. Most people require 2-3 deck reviews before the submission deadline.

Step 2: Schedule your 30-minute live coaching sessions

  • Using the link below, schedule 2 sessions before Friday’s rehearsal session with Innovation Norway and one more for the Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday of the following week before your pitch to the jury.

  • Please schedule all 3 sessions now as the calendar fills up quickly.

  • Use the link below to schedule, reschedule, or cancel any session with Nathan or https://my.timetrade.com/book/84FWQ:

Schedule an appointment
for 1:1 coaching
Click to Schedule an Appointment

STEP 3: Your 3 live pitch coaching sessions

  • Homework: Watch the preparation videos before your first session with Nathan. The videos take less than 20-minutes and have answers to most questions about this opportunity. Use the free Coupon code provided by your regional EU Advisor at Innovation Norway.

  • Session #1 - You’ll pitch to Nathan and he will provide feedback on your pitch and brainstorm ideas on what to add, modify, or leave out.

  • Session #2 - You’ll repeat the pitch, incorporating any changes. This session includes role playing for Q&A practice and use of body language and voice.

  • Session #3 - You’ll deliver your finalized pitch and Nathan will provide final feedback.

Last year, the best pitches came from those who did not procrastinate.