Nathan Gold

Keynote Speaker and Presentation Coach


Welcome to Horizon 2020 Phase 2 Prep

Congratulations! You have been selected to present your business at the Horizon 2020 SME competition.

Please follow these 3 Steps so you deliver your most persuasive pitch ever:

STEP 1: Send your pitch deck to Nathan Gold as soon as possible

  • Email: witth the deck attached or include a link.

  • Nathan will review the deck for flow and design and get back to you within ~12 hours.

  • Use the pitch template as prescribed by H2020 and send in PDF format.

  • Send your deck for review as soon as possible even if it is not 100% complete.

Step 2: Schedule 3 thirty minute coaching sessions now

  • Schedule 2 sessions before Friday’s rehearsal session with Innovation Norway and one more for the Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday of the following week.

  • Please schedule all of your sessions now as the calendar fills up quickly.

  • Use the link below to schedule, reschedule, or cancel any session with Nathan or

Schedule an appointment
for 1:1 coaching
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STEP 3: Your pitch coaching sessions

  • Homework: Watch the preparation videos before your first session with Nathan. The videos take less than 20-minutes and have answers to most questions about this opportunity. Use the free Coupon code provided by your regional EU Advisor at Innovation Norway.

  • Session #1 - You’ll pitch to Nathan and he will provide feedback on your pitch and brainstorm ideas on what to add, modify, or leave out.

  • Session #2 - You’ll repeat the pitch, incorporating any changes. This session includes role playing for Q&A practice and use of body language and voice.

  • Session #3 - You’ll deliver your finalized pitch and Nathan will provide final feedback.

Last year, the best pitches came from those who did not procrastinate.