As an internationally recognized speaker, coach, and trainer, I deliver over 150 keynote talks per year on presentation, communication, and networking skills. I edutain audiences of all sizes in as little as 15-minutes or as long as 3 hours. All keynote talks are designed to empower people who present in high-stakes situations such as a TED talk, investor pitches, keynotes, board meetings, and those do-or-die can't miss sales calls.

These keynote talks are full of "solid nourishment" and no "empty calories". Each topic below is designed to be flexible to accommodate various types of audiences including both business and entrepreneurs and comes with an optional Brainstorming Exercise.

Keynote talk descriptions:

  1. How to Captivate Any Audience in Less Than 30-Seconds
    In this talk, attendees will hear about The Red Box Method, which includes nine tools to help presenters captivate their audience more quickly, easily, and dramatically. The audience will learn techniques on how to be more memorable in any high-stakes presenting situation such as with a TED talk, keynote, board meeting, investor pitch, sales meeting, or job interview. After this talk, attendees will be better prepared to present more confidently, close more deals, persuade more investors, and you may even receive a standing ovation.

  2. Harness Your Speaking Anxiety
    Everyone has speaking anxiety. Some people use it as a powerful tool while others let it stop them cold in their tracks from even speaking up. This keynote is designed to help you harness your speaker anxiety and turn it into a powerful tool you can use during formal presentations, weekly staff meetings, or even during job interviews. You will hear about proven tools, techniques, and tips, many backed by science and research, that you can start using immediately to harness your speaking anxiety.

  3. Proven Ways to Connect Emotionally with Your Audience
    People always say the best presenters have a knack for getting you to feel something. They usually do this by creating a situation where their audience responds with one or more emotions. In some talks, you experience this multiple times. This talk will share 10 proven ways you can do this with your audience of 1 or many. It’s actually very simple once you discover how persuasive people have been doing this since language was invented. Using the tools, tips, and techniques demonstrated in this talk, you will be able to generate your own authentic emotional response from people in your next presentation or in a conversation with anyone.

  4. AHA! Networking 2.0
    Networking is a bit of both art and science. This talk will help anyone who has hesitation or difficulty connecting or generating a conversation with someone new. It will help alleviate the anxiety of those initial few minutes because you will be armed with tools to help in any networking situation. Attendees will learn how to instantly find something in common with anyone anywhere on the planet, how to become the most sought-after person in the room, and how to start creating more meaningful, lasting relationships. This talk will energize the crowd and especially helpful to any audience after a long day of conferencing just before breaking for drinks, networking, and dinner.

  5. Q&A: Mastering the Unpredictable
    Handling question-and-answer sessions before, during, or after a presentation is a continuation of the presentation, but is often overlooked. This talk will teach attendees how to be more effective and confident when facing those unpredictable situations with an audience. The techniques shared here will ultimately give presenters tools to be more confident, competent, and authentic in how they answer any question, including the ones to which the answer is not known.

  6. Designing an Unforgettable Handshake Introduction
    When people greet each other for the first time, often they ask, “What does your company do?” This talk will prepare attendees for this most common question received in business. Using the Handshake Introduction framework, everyone will be prepared to offer a compelling answer whether talking to one person, participating on a panel in front of hundreds of people, or facing the interview question “Tell me about yourself.” Using the techniques shared in this talk, attendees will be more effective at standing out in a crowd.

  7. How to Design and Deliver a TEDx-like Talk
    TED talks are famous for how their presenters deliver stories, insights, and extraordinary information in 18-minutes or less. This talk extrapolates the main techniques people use on the TED stages to captivate audiences from all around the world. Attendees can start using what they learn in their next presentation, such as how to make the audience the hero in their talks, not the presenters themselves.

  8. Persuade Anyone with Five Slides in Five Minutes
    This talk unveils a simple, effective, and proven framework for persuading an audience with five slides in 5-minutes or less. Attendees will learn how to synthesize their message into one sentence to compel their audiences to pay very close attention to their pitch. The techniques discussed in this talk are constantly in use by some of the most confident, competent, and memorable presenters. Attendees will be able to use this framework in their next presentation.

  9. Avoiding the Top 12 Mistakes People Make When Presenting
    People make dozens of mistakes when presenting, but all those mistakes can be avoided. This talk will make visible the top 12 mistakes people make when presenting and address how to avoid them. This talk includes everything from giving too much information on one slide to avoiding boring, sleepy, and ineffective slideware. Attendees will also hear about such mistakes as forcing the audience to read their slides, not using enough visuals, and not connecting with the audience on an emotional level.


Words people frequently use to describe these Keynotes:

Inspiring, Fun, Motivating, Thought-provoking

Custom Keynotes

Nathan can deliver tailored talks specific to your needs and messaging on topics of presentation skills, storytelling, entrepreneurship, and networking. Nathan is also a terrific Emcee for events of all sizes and promises to keep any audience energized, even during technical glitches.

Additionally, depending on the amount of time you have, each keynote has an optional Brainstorming Exercise to give people the opportunity to put into practice what they learn in the talk. For an effective outcome with the Brainstorming Exercise, please allow at least one additional hour.

For a quote and additional details on any Keynote topic, please contact me here.