Certified Coaches

Here are the coaches I work with who are certified to do what I do. They are people whom I trust, believe in, and I have personally seen the results of their coaching:

Claudio Sennhauser - Thailand


Claudio Sennhauser specializes in teaching people how to give remarkable presentations and product demos. He is the co-author of my first book, Giving Memorable Product Demos, published in June, 2009.

Demonstrating high tech has always been his passion. Claudio loves the buzz of a trade show as much as the atmosphere in a meeting room, the butterfly inducing moments before a stage presentation, and the unpredictable nature of online presentations.

Scottie Spurzem - San Francisco


Scottie Spurzem is an amazing Accent Management Specialist. She can coach you to sound more credible in how you speak, especially if you have an accent!

Here’s an example of a Before and After with an Italian speaking English:

Scottie works with business professionals who speak English as a Second Language (ESL) and who can benefit from accent reduction, increased vocabulary in their field of expertise, as well as improved grammar and mastery of American English. Scottie's goal is to help ESL professionals gain more confidence when presenting and conversing in English. She is a trained ESL teacher and has the Cambridge CELTA certificate, which is accepted around the world for teaching ESL to Adults.

To become a Certified Gold Coach, contact me here.