The workshops listed below are designed for people from all walks of life who are looking to communicate their ideas and thoughts more effectively to others. These workshops can easily accommodate as few as five people or as many as can fit in the room. Each workshop can last as little as 1-hour or as long as 3-days.

The techniques I present will quickly allow participants to communicate more effectively the value of what they do, why they do it, why anyone should care, and how to communicate that in a more compelling way.

Workshop topics:

  1. How to Harness Your Speaking Anxiety

  2. Proven Ways to Connect Emotionally with Your Audience

  3. ­How to Captivate any Audience in Less Than 30-Seconds

  4. AHA! That's How You Network 2.0

  5. Q&A: Mastering the Unpredictable

  6. Designing an Unforgettable Handshake Introduction

  7. How to Design and Deliver a TEDx-like Talk

  8. How to Present Anything to Anyone in Under 5-Minutes

  9. ­Avoiding the Top 12 Mistakes People Make When Presenting

  10. How to Pitch to Investors With No Slides in Under 2-Minutes

  11. ­How to Pitch to Investors With 13 Slides in Under 10-Minutes

  12. Persuade Anyone with Five Slides in Five Minutes

  13. Giving Memorable Product Demonstrations

Words people frequently use to describe these workshops:

Inspiring, Stimulating, Fun, Mind-bending, Amazing, Wow!

One of the main benefits of these workshops is the results people get from the Brainstorming Exercises. The results always seem to surprise participants with how much they can accomplish within a very short time frame.

Depending on the goals of the people attending, workshop length can range from 45-minutes to 2-days. Often, having an evening to sleep on what participants learn will yield even better results on the second day. All of these workshops can be delivered in person or online.

For a quote and additional details on any topic listed above, please contact me here.

When I first saw Nathan Gold was presenting ‘How to captivate any audience’ at an Innovation Norway event I was attending, I must admit I was skeptical. I have been to many seminars where presenters talk about how to do great presentations and I guess I was tired of hearing the same stuff over again. Nathan told us many things that other trainers also will tell you, but he told it with such precision, so many great natural examples, his wealth of experience and with such a genuine interest in his audience that I was totally amazed. After his presentation we all got to practice some of his techniques, and the way Nathan walked around the room and carefully guided and coached every one of us was what convinced me that this is a man who really teaches what he lives. Therefore he would be my first choice of a person to coach me on how to deliver compelling presentations and product demonstrations!
— Magnus Ingebrigtsen, CEO and Accelerated Learning Strategist