Nathan is an elevator pitch expert!
— Wall Street Journal
Nathan is a presentation skills expert.
— Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Thank you, dear Nathan, for the AHA-Erlebnis. You have the power to unleash hidden capabilities in people. You truly inspired me. I had the pleasure of discovering that I was not the only one. I look forward to exchanging some wisdom with you in the near future.
— Joris Vermeir, Chef and Strategy Manager
I have worked with many great executives in the world’s best technology companies, and Nathan belongs at the very top. His presentation skills are inspirational, and leave customers, partners, and colleagues in awe of his contribution. If you need to win business, Nathan makes the difference, he is a superb talent, and one that clients ask for time and time again.
— Brian Mort, EVP EMEA Sales, Extensity
When I first saw Nathan Gold was presenting ‘How to captivate any audience’ at an Innovation Norway event I was attending, I must admit I was skeptical. I have been to many seminars where presenters talk about how to do great presentations and I guess I was tired of hearing the same stuff over again. Nathan told us many things that other trainers also will tell you, but he told it with such precision, so many great natural examples, his wealth of experience and with such a genuine interest in his audience that I was totally amazed. After his presentation we all got to practice some of his techniques, and the way Nathan walked around the room and carefully guided and coached every one of us was what convinced me that this is a man who really teaches what he lives. Therefore he would be my first choice of a person to coach me on how to deliver compelling presentations and product demonstrations!
— Magnus Ingebrigtsen, CEO and Accelerated Learning Strategist
Nathan is a great pitch coach! He does a fantastic job for his clients at DEMO, in Silicon Valley and throughout the world. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their presentation. He is a very bright and caring human being as well! If you engage with him, you won’t be disappointed.
— Max Shapiro, CEO, PeopleConnectStaffing and PitchForce
Nathan is by far one of the best presenters I have ever seen. He taps into every capability of a product or system creating an environment where the audience envisions their own success. I strongly recommend Nathan as a coach to anyone interested in really mastering the art of live communications.
— Tom Roslak, Managing Partner at TRi
Nathan Gold is a black-belt pitch coach.
— Scott Case, Co-Founder & CEO at Main Street Genome; Founding CTO Priceline.com
Nathan’s grasp of how to construct a good venture pitch is among the best I know of. At PlugandPlay, we run into a variety of individuals who claim to be able to support entrepreneurs with their pitch to investors. Nathan is one of few who can actually deliver on that promise.
— Jameson Buffmire, Business Analyst, Orange
I met Nathan about two years ago through Sam Zaid, founder of GetAround. Nathan helped Sam win TechCrunch Disrupt in 2011 (Sam raves about Nathan). When we applied for Disrupt, we were fortunate enough to be able to engage him, and eventually with his help, we won Disrupt in 2012. First and foremost, Nathan is an incredibly nice person - he is very patient, he doesn’t give up, and he is always trying to find ways to work with you rather than force his ideas on you. Secondly, he is extremely good at what he does (two disrupt wins in 2 years is not luck). Not only he can help with the big picture (the right story to tell), but he also cares deeply about the little things - how you stand, how you move, how you pronounce different words, how to build inner excitement before you present, how you dress and much more. I had no idea how much goes into making a great presentation. Nathan genuinely cares about making his clients successful. I have worked with him twice and benefited greatly from him expertise and his willingness to help. If I ever hear anyone looking for help with pitching, I always recommend Nathan.
— Abhas Art Agrawal, CEO, YourMechanic.com
I have known Nathan my entire career. When we first worked together, he did an outstanding, professional job in growing and supporting an increasing number of high-profile customers, while at the same time supporting a growing organization. One of the outstanding traits he still has is the ability to help people clearly understand how technology, old and new, can have a direct, immediate and positive effect in support of their objectives. The next time we had the opportunity to work together, Nathan was providing tactical and strategic leadership in a successful startup. Here, both attention to detail and strategic vision were clearly integrated as the company led the industry, and Nathan helped shape the industry through many public and industry venues. I know Nathan to be an honorable man who has never gone back on his word - coming from someone who lives in Texas - this says it all. I look forward to the day when we might have the opportunity to work together again.
— Michael Bigbee, CEO, TIBA Parking Systems
Nathan is one of the most energetic, passionate and professional persons I have ever come across. I would hire him any day if he was available! It is a true pleasure to work with him!
— Net Jacobsson, Co-founder & General Partner, SparkLabs Global Ventures
Passionate, exciting, clear, enlightening are all words people use to describe the best demo and presentation jock I have ever met. He can sell sand to the arabs, no one does it better.
— Guy Tweedale, SVP Sales EMEA, Sitel
I met Nathan when he was #1 hire at U3 and he was evangelizing the U3 platform. I have looked to Nathan for advice so many times that I must include him on my mentor list. Nathan is a relentless results orientated individual yet he conducts himself and interactions with others at the highest levels of decorum and respect. He is a born teacher and communicator and loves to interact with people. It’s no surprise that business at his new company, The Demo Coach, is ramping up quickly. Proactive, visionary, and a person who “walks his talk”; Nathan leaves little to chance so it’s small wonder that he has won two Demo God awards in addition to many other achievements. Business development, product or business evangelism, building community - it doesn’t really matter what the job is as Nathan has the “can do” attitude, personable demeanor, and pride in everything that he does that makes him unstoppable and a total gas to work with.
— Kurt Webster, CTO, Social Thinking
What can I say about a great guy and a two time winner of the DEMOgod award? Not only that, he was instrumental to a win. If you need a business development maven or an evangelist, Nathan is your man.
— Dani Shefer, Business Development Executive, SanDisk
In the short time spanning my relationship with Nathan, I have received tremendous benefit from his expertise and experience in presentation preparation and coaching as well as his personable and creative approach as a valuable component in what we are building with our startup. His commitment and dedication in helping me personally have resulted in recognition and awards FamilyNation has received in the past year and Nathan continues to inspire and support me as we work to bring the company towards our initial product launch. There’s no way I would be able to move forward without Nathan.
— John Spitters, CEO, FamilyNation
There’s an art around storytelling, but also a science. Nathan can explain the science, but he has an unrivaled eye for the art — an instinct about what works, and what doesn’t. That, together with his gentle way of providing feedback, can transform the lifeless into dynamic and engaging, with minimal pain. He worked wonders for me, while producing DEMO and our own events at VentureBeat. Before, I was a plodding, fearful, and impersonal public speaker. After, I went out there with more confidence, and to have fun.
— Matt Marshall, Founder & CEO, VentureBeat.com
Have you ever seen one of those presenters that just nails it, from content and delivery to audience engagement? Nathan builds that by taking ideas and very complex technical concepts and turns them into extremely compelling and engaging presentations. His style is warm and helpful as he teaches the compilation, techniques, and delivery methods to elevate any discussion into a true and compelling stage presence.
— Michael Brady, Global CIO, USAA and former SVP, Infrastructure Management Group, Kaiser Permanente