Instant Coaching

If you require immediate help now with speaking anxiety or pitching to investors, please watch the free videos below. Each one runs just under 30-minutes and shares my entire workshop material without ads and without any up-selling of my services. These two videos will help you get a better understanding of what you need to prepare for when delivering a short pitch to investors, whether under 2-minutes or the full 10-minutes.

Note: Please forgive the 480p low resolution video recordings below. The sound should be quite audible and the visuals very readable. While I would prefer to update these videos with new graphics, YouTube does not allow you to replace a video and the organic SEO on these videos is too valuable to give up.

How to Pitch to Investors in Under 2-Minutes

This video will show you how to pitch to investors in under 2-minutes without the aid of any slides. When you are given the opportunity to pitch your company, product, or service and all you have is a microphone and a panel of investors waiting for you to pitch, you need to be well scripted and rehearsed for the performance. This video will help you get prepared.

How to Pitch to Investors with 13 Slides in Under 10-Minutes

This video shares a proven investor pitch deck with 13 slides that will get you on the right track to presenting your opportunity to investors. This model pitch deck can be delivered in 10 minutes or less, if there are no interruptions. It’s designed to grab investors’ interest and give them just enough information to generate lots of questions once you have finished delivering your presentation.

To download a copy of the 13 slides used in this presentation, click here.

Now what?

If you spend the time watching these videos, you will literally have everything I typically deliver in a live workshop where I teach these two topics. What you are missing is the Brainstorming Exercise and 1:1 Coaching where you get to try out your new pitch deck with me for immediate feedback and coaching.

To get more details about how I can specifically help you, please contact me.

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