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Chief Coach Offering Gold-en Ticket

Nathan Gold to waive speaking fees for 10 new clients to celebrate 10 years in business.

(December 21, 2018) Has this ever happened to you? It’s time for your big presentation to the corporate executive team, and when you plug your computer into the projector, you accidentally project your search history full of job-search sites. You’ve just been hired into an important role at a successful company, and 3 minutes into your first speech to the troops, someone falls asleep so hard that they get a concussion from the back of the seat in front of them. It’s time for your big presentation to a key group of investors, and when you plug your computer into the projector, you accidentally project that chart accounting sent over that shows the company's profit line plummeting. You’re sitting in an important meeting, and you know exactly what to say but your speaking anxiety holds you back from saying anything. It’s the day of your big interview, and when you reach to shake the interviewer’s hand, you knock a mug of coffee into their lap.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Nathan Gold, a world renowned keynote speaker is offering to waive his speaker fees for the first 10 assignments in 2019. He’s helped titans of industry all over the world and now he wants to help you. No longer will you have to worry if anyone is noticing your flop sweat dripping down your face or shaking during your big presentation. In the past are the days of looking out into a sea of yawns.

Nathan Gold is here to give you the golden ticket and turn your biggest fear into your biggest asset all without any speaker fees. When Nathan Gold is done working with you, you’ll have more practical communication and presentation skills to elevate yourself, your business, the morale of your team, and even your job prospects.

In addition to current talks listed on his website, Nathan has 3 new keynotes ready for 2019:

  1. Overcoming Speaking Anxiety

  2. Proven Ways to Connect Emotionally with Your Audience

  3. Aha! That's How You Network

After attending one of Nathan’s talks or workshops, you just may walk out of your next meeting with your employees having gained the type of respect, admiration, and loyalty usually reserved for kings and queens. Impress those investors so much that you walk out of the meeting not only with a follow-up meeting and referral, but with a potential Board seat in the investors' companies as well. When you speak up with confidence in your next meeting, people around you will take immediate notice. Perhaps you step into that office on the day of your big job interview and walk out with the interviewer’s job. Stand in front of your employees or peers and have them in awe of your power, confidence, and ability to handle speaking anxiety like never before. Nathan can help you achieve all of these dreams and all without a keynote speaking fee.

Nathan Gold is Chief Coach at The Demo Coach and is a keynote speaker on communication and presentation skills. For more information or to schedule a quick call with Nathan, go here.